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weight labeling


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    What’s with the weight requirement labeling? Must you weigh each and every bag/box? I’m all bakery items I.e. cookies, breads, cakes, candy

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    David Crabill

    If your packages have different weights, then yes, you need to weigh each one. You can write the weight on the package by hand. I’ve also see sellers print out labels with the same weight on each of them, and then they add enough of the item to reach it (for instance, 3 oz of fudge). For cookies, if you use a portion scoop, the weight of each package should be pretty consistent.

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    Do the weight requirement include the packaging?

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    David Crabill

    No, it is the net weight of the product only.

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    You are absolutely right. In it something is and it is good thought. I support you.

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