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Vegan burgers and permission from landlords.


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    When renting a house to I need to get the permission to use the house as part of my cottage law business in the lease agreement?

    Also, would selling products like tofu burgers or 100% vegan food products that do not fall under baked goods be allowed?
    It is a prepared food but it doesn’t contain meat or dairy or anything that is listed as a reason for not being allowed.

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    David Crabill

    With the exception of some types of baked goods, anything that requires refrigeration cannot be made in a home kitchen and sold. Therefore, almost all types of vegan burgers would not be allowed.

    You need your landlord’s permission before you can run a business from their property.

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    I know I need their permission. My question was does it need to be stated in the lease.

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    Edit: As I hit post before adding this part. Oops/
    Ah ok. That stink about the burgers.

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    David Crabill

    You don’t need it in the lease agreement (unless your landlord requires that), but it’s really a moot point since you can’t sell homemade vegan burgers anyway.

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