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New York

  • David Crabill replied to the topic Hot Sauce in the forum New York 11 months, 1 week ago

    When processed correctly, hot sauce is perfectly safe. But if best canning practices are not followed, canned goods could potentially be deadly. That’s why homemade acid and acidified foods like hot sauce are not allowed in many states, although the risk is quite low.
    Instead, the ag/health dept will require you to use a commercial kitchen and go…[Read more]

  • Johnathan replied to the topic buisness partners in the forum New York 1 year, 6 months ago

    thanks so much

  • I would only recommend crowdfunding or fundraising once you have a sizable customer base and a successful business. Typically, raising money is used to take a business to the next level (commercial kitchen, food truck, brick and mortar, etc). But when starting out, a few hundred dollars (or less) is all you need. Try going back and watching my mini…[Read more]

  • Hi Johnathan, it’s typical to feel overwhelmed when starting out. I don’t think you need a business partner at this stage.

    Try not to get stuck on branding or being worried about something going wrong. Yes, starting a business comes with its challenges, but it’s hard to predict them. Usually the most successful entrepreneurs are those who put…[Read more]

  • does anyone recommend doing a Kickstarter or a gofundme to help their business out? Heck maybe even a Patreon, I’m not sure.

  • I’m trying to understand things like selling online and identifying my brand but I keep hesitating on going further because I’m worried I’m going to set something up wrong or won’t be able to respond to customers the right way. I just wanna make and sell without worry, but I feel overwhelmed, I have family members, but their level of home-business…[Read more]

  • David Crabill replied to the topic LLC in the forum New York 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hi Jonathan, I don’t typically recommend getting an LLC unless you are hiring employees that you don’t know well. You will likely need to get FLIP insurance to sell at events and fairs, and that is the lowest cost insurance option I’m aware of.

  • BARBARA CARMOSINO posted an update in the group New York 2 years ago

    excited to have a place to ask questions and bounce ideas off fellow NYers. I am from Long Island and live in an incorporated village. Someone told me to double check their rules as well, so I went onto the village website and didn’t see anything. I am afraid to call and ask as that might put me on their radar.

  • Johnathan replied to the topic LLC in the forum New York 2 years ago

    I looked up FLIP and other LLC locations. It’s hard to decide the best one for my needs. FLIP looks more expensive while just the LLC looks around 100 dollars, which location would you recommend besides FLIP?

  • Lana replied to the topic LLC in the forum New York 2 years ago

    I would recommend getting an LLC to protect personal assets. For any vendoring situation you will also need insurance. I have FLIP insurance which costs about $300/year and you can add unlimited insured’s at no extra cost.

  • Johnathan started the topic LLC in the forum New York 2 years ago

    I’m looking at street events and fairs to sell my goods, but a family member suggested getting an LLC. I lost what video David talked about that so I could use a refresher: Should I get an LLC?

  • Johnathan joined the group New York 2 years ago

  • Rosa posted an update in the group New York 2 years ago

    Hello everyone. How are people able to sell cake pops without being dipped in candy melts?

    • It still floors me that NY doesn’t allow this. I think they are the only one. My guess is that people produce them and the ag dept turns a blind eye to it (if they notice it at all). I really don’t see why using a commercially-produced candy melt would be unsafe in any way. I guess there is some theoretical risk to melted chocolate, but candy…[Read more]

  • Rosa joined the group New York 2 years ago

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