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New Jersey

New Jersey Cottage Food Law

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    Sharon Carlevale

    I’m just so mad that New Jersey is the only state not allowing this. I have a supper clean home, and I really need extra money, since I was a stay at home mom and now I get very little money for social security. Can’t live on what I get, and the state of NJ doesn’t care. So disgusted. Joe Vitale I’m sure lives in a big beautiful home and can pay his bills with no problem. No prime rib for dinner in my house
    Disgusted…….I’m a great cook….super clean home. I’d like to know how much longer he’s in office because he’ll never ever get my vote. Have eaten in ma and pa places, as he puts it and have gotten sick from uncleanliness and gross food………so disgusted with this state we live in. Not to mention our taxes are out of control……

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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