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New Jersey

Laws and permits regarding online food sales


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    Sudha Moorthy


    Am planning to start a business on Etsy. I live in NJ. I understand that food prepared at home cannot be sold.
    A commercial kitchen might need licenses and insurance, where do I obtain these?
    Also, when someone places an order, how do I know whether I’m allowed to ship there or not?
    Etsy has very broad guidelines and directs users to the state health dept. I see lots of food shops on Etsy that declare that they will ship to all states in the continental US.
    Finally, would it be easier on some other online foodsale website (eg.s, please?)?



    David Crabill

    You need a commercial license, which will free you from almost all of the limitations you’re concerned about:

    You do need to talk to your health dept and I think Etsy is a good place to start online. However, local sales are usually an easier starting point for getting a food business off the ground.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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