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New Jersey

AB 1244

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    so assembly no-1244 was not passed, or is not a law?


    David Crabill

    No, it wasn’t passed and there is still no cottage food law in New Jersey.



    Why is NJ not passing the law? I don’t understand this at all. The last state with no law, what is the reason? Many people would benefit.


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    David Crabill

    Usually the two factors working against cottage food laws are health depts and existing businesses. Many health depts don’t like them because they consider food produced in an unregulated (home) environment to be a potential hazard to the public health that they can’t control. Existing businesses obviously lobby against them for fear of increased competition from bakers who don’t have to spend money for an expensive, inspected commercial food production facility, which they are required to use.



    Yes but NJ is the only one left according to the map.

    This is what I found so far on this site which looks promising, what is the next step to get the law passed?

    Committee Voting:
    AAN 2/24/2014 – r/favorably – Yes {5} No {0} Not Voting {0} Abstains {0} – Roll Call

    Session Voting:
    Asm. 5/22/2014 – 3RDG FINAL PASSAGE – Yes {78} No {0} Not Voting {2} Abstains {0} – Roll Call


    David Crabill

    It’s a little hard to notice, but Hawaii is also gray on the map. Also, any orange state might as well be gray for any non-farmer. And some states are very restrictive… for instance, Wisconsin’s law only allows canned goods, and Illinois’ law is only useful to someone who sells at farmers markets. So despite appearances, New Jersey isn’t the only state that isn’t doing a good job of allowing sales of homemade food. There is some level of resistance to it in nearly every state.

    Since the bill didn’t pass in 2014, it needs to start over and be reintroduced in the next session, or a brand new bill needs to be introduced. Here is some info about passing a bill:


    David Crabill

    I should also mention that although the bill has easily passed through the House, it’s had trouble in the Senate. That often happens in states, as the two sides are intended to provide balance for each other. But it can be misleading… a unanimous passage by the House does not necessarily mean that a bill is close to passing and becoming law.


    Sue Ma

    Hi AB,
    I am new member here and I am from NJ. When I saw on the map that only this state do not have a law about cottage food I sent a text to David how he can teatch us to create a movement to force the committee to pass the law . We can start a group what you think?



    Hi , if anyone is interested in the NJ home bakers bill it has been reorganized and revamped. Go to the home bakers Facebook page to get caught up on what’s going on. This is the year. Join our effort and let’s get the bill past before the end of the year. We are also now working with the institute of justice to get food freedom. New bill numbers, New session, there have been amendments to the bill, events are being coordinated. Please visit the site , like , share, sign up for the mailing list and make a difference this year in your baking career ;)


    David Crabill

    Elizabeth, thanks for letting us know. I’ll update the page by the end of the weekend.

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