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New Hampshire

List of approved cities/towns in NH – two questions

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    I am actively trying to dive in to all of the research possible for running my own food-related business. Im wanting to consider building my own small building as part of our home-buying endeavors.

    Having said that, I am well aware of the unusual intricacy that NH has when it comes to “self inspecting” areas.
    I know that Manchester, there is an outright ban with the exception of two kitchens that were granted waivers (something I learned from talking with a Health Inspector)…

    When we purchase, it would not be in Manchester… but that is just the beginning of this whole huge picture.

    Question 1: Where can I find a list of cities/towns in New Hampshire that would allow either a homestead business or a small professional kitchen build for full licensing?

    Question 2: How can someone like me get to the nit-grit of this and just get a list of what is needed for floor plan, equipment, licenses, etc.?

    Im feeling like building the HACCP plan is going to be the easiest paperwork to do after reading a smidge of what I have found thus far… lol

    Thank you for any help you can give!



    David Crabill

    1. I’d be surprised if such a list exists. You will probably need to call each area to find which ones will allow your business.
    2. It sounds like you already have a good idea for what’s required, generally speaking. I can’t help you beyond that because each area has different requirements. You need to contact the local officials to get details.

    I believe that small businesses are exempt from HACCP.


    Edwin Ellis

    Melanie Anne Cramer

    Thanks Edwin – I already had that link actually, lol!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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