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Law Imrovements

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    I know the current CL is fairly new but is there any effort underway to make improvements to the law? I think the cap is a bit low and disallowing internet advertising and sales is a bit behind the times for a new law, even for MS. Seems the MS legislature is bound and determined to keep MS at the bottom of income rankings.


    David Crabill

    I don’t know of any efforts already underway, but usually amendments have to start at the grassroots level. If you are interested in getting more involved, I can put you in touch with an organization that can help you start a campaign. Almost all cottage food laws have started by someone like yourself taking initiative.



    Thanks for the reply David. I’m just getting started so it may be a little premature to start a lobby without even knowing how well I will even do. I just thought the 20k cap just doesn’t seem that ambitious. I’m going to read the actual law, see who the sponsors are etc. Then decide if an attempt at a lobby effort is something I want to take on. Thanks again!



    Hey Tom! I was wondering if you had a progress in finding resources on getting this law updated for MS. I am running into the same problem with the idea of being capped at 20k and the much bigger issue of not being able to advertise online. That one hurts quite a bit. I am really excited to be able to serve my community, but I want to be able to sell online as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Would love to hear back and connect with other business owners facing this issue.


    David Crabill

    I understand that $20K doesn’t sound like much (I had a similar feeling when starting my CFO), but actually, most CFOs are doing very well to do $20K of sales in the first, second, or even third year. When thinking about a business, it’s easy to think about all the potential it has, and the last thing you’d want is for the law to limit you when you’re growing. But I’d say that a greater barrier is letting the law prevent you from starting.

    Just start, and see where you go. Most CFOs find it really hard to get people to buy their goods, especially if they’re priced such that they can make a profit. If your business does take off and you’re approaching the $20K limit, that’s a great problem to have, and you’ll be in a nice position to consider other options at that point.

    As far as not being able to advertise online, that really can be a big problem. Even still, this law makes it really easy to start nearly immediately, and you can use farmers markets and events to prove your business concept. Once you’ve proven that there is consumer demand for your products, then you can move to the commercial sector so that you can sell online.

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