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Labeling of items

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    I make chocolate dipped treats, cake pops, oreo’s, twinkies etc…my question is how do I label these items when they are so small I cannot possible put all the ingredients of the cake, frosting & confectionery candy coating on a label that will fit anywhere on the wrapped product. Is there perhaps an exemption on the size of a product?

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    David Crabill

    I don’t think there’s any exemption — perhaps the ag dept will allow you to hand out labels separately from the item, or possibly hand out the ingredient list separately.

    If you look at some products in stores (like candy bars), you can see that a lot of info can be fit onto a small package. It’s also possible to use some creativity to attach the label in various ways, such as with a tag that connects to the item with a ribbon.

    I would also personally recommend trying to whittle down your ingredient list! This isn’t always possible, but with some experimentation, I’ve been surprised at how much better a product can be with some simplification. For instance, I replaced store-bought marshmallow creme (8 ingredients) with corn syrup — it improved my fudge and removed an allergen from my product. Try whole wheat flour instead of other flour types. Short, simple ingredient lists also happen to be what increasing numbers of buyers are looking for. This can be a competitive advantage for you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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