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Labeling & Nutritional Information

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    Jim Piety

    Hey fellow entrepreneurs!

    I’m curious about how you handled nutrition facts and labeling. I was able to understand the requirements of nutritional facts and listing the ingredients, but I am concerned about the accuracy of the nutrition facts. For one, it is very difficult to create perfectly equal sized energy bars and the only regulation is each bar must be within reasonable range of the stated weight. Also, I have used the USDA food database and the starting ingredients nutritional information to create my ‘total’ nutritional information. But, they don’t always agree. Sometime, I’ll even weigh out the ingredients to see if 1 cup of X equals x number of grams according to the database. Most of the time, they are close. But sometimes, they are drastically different.

    In any case, until I pay a lab to analyze and create proper nutritional labeling for my product, what have you guys done and what do you recommend?


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    David Crabill

    My recommendation is to simply not put nutrition info on labels, and this is what the vast majority of CFOs do. Most small businesses are automatically exempt from needing to include a nutrition facts panel.

    Using a nutrition facts calculator is a good way to estimate the nutrition info in an item, but it will always be an approximation until you get the final product lab tested.

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