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Benefits of Cottage Food Law

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    I am doing a project about the cottage food law. What do you think are the benefits of cottage food laws? Do you think there are any drawbacks?

    Thanks for your input!


    David Crabill

    I think there are hundreds of benefits, and of course some drawbacks as well. That’s a pretty open-ended question and there are good resources to find the long answer. Have you read this report? The first part of CA’s cottage food law also specifies some of the benefits of these kinds of laws. I’d recommend Homemade For Sale as well.

    I think one of the major benefits is that it enables people to start providing more value to their communities with knowledge and resources they already have.



    I have a home bakery under the VA outage law since I live on the VA and WV border (1mile) can I participate at the business events held at our local WV National Guard Armory. These events are for business to showcase what they sell.


    David Crabill

    Although you can’t sell in other states, you may be able to offer free samples at an event in another state. You need to communicate with the ag depts in both states to make sure this is possible. If you’re not going to be selling or giving out food at these events, then you can definitely participate.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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