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Selling Homemade Stuffed Soft Baked Pretzels


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    The law is very unclear about what falls under the category of breads or pastries. I began making soft pretzels in 2009 and have several “creations” that I would like to begin selling at local farmers’ markets in Illinois. What category would soft pretzels fall under–bread or pastry? Are they even considered one of the allowed foods under this law? Please clarify.

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    David Crabill

    It sounds like your pretzels would fall under the “baked good” category in the law (please note that this site only gives a summary of the law; see the resources section for the law itself). You should be able to sell them as a cottage food operation. Sorry if it was confusing, but “Pretzels” is listed as a category in the “Snacks” section:

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    Thank you for clarifying. I did see the “Pretzels” under Snacks. For some reason I assumed that meant hard baked pretzels and not soft baked. Thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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