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sales tax identification number

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    Mary Jo

    I’m considering selling my home baked goods at Farmer’s Markets, but looking at the applications, all the locations ask for a sales tax identification number, and commercial liability insurance. Do I need a tax number with a home business in Illinois? How do I go about obtaining one? Also tell me more about the insurance for Farmer’s Markets.

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    David Crabill

    You need whatever the farmers market requires. I don’t know how to get a sales tax identification number, but I’d suggest you call the department of revenue.

    Here’s some info about insurance:

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    Mary Jo – I secured my tax ID in Illinois via this website:

    Every farmers market and French Market I’ve sold at in the northern Illinois area has required an Illinois taxpayer ID, and some have requested proof of commercial liability insurance (some at least $1MM). So in my experience securing both is integral to doing business at local markets. Not sure how the new Home Kitchen Operation law impacts this so I’ll be calling my local county health departments for clarification.

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    Is there a cost to applying for a sales tax identification number?

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    David Crabill

    Sorry Amanda, I don’t know. Have you tried registering via the link above?

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