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Unlimited Products and Custom Tabs

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    David Crabill

    Last week, CFO and product pages got a design refresh that widens them and puts info tabs on your pages right where they should be — at the top. All that extra space has made room for a new “custom tabs” feature that will allow CFO Pro members to greatly customize their listings. Also, say goodbye to the product listing limit!

    Unlimited Products for Everyone

    If you are a free CFO member, you can now add as many products as your heart desires! But the truth is, Forrager isn’t free for us to run, especially when it comes to data storage. So instead of limiting users to four products, it makes more sense for us to restrict image uploading. Free accounts can now add up to 10 images before needing to upgrade.

    Custom Tabs

    Now you can add more tabs to your page, in any order you want, with any content you want. You can do things like create a FAQs tab, or a kitchen tab with photos and info, or a tab to share your business story. Want to add detailed pricing info? No problem.


    You can add as many elements as you want and combine them in any way… the sky’s the limit! While editing, you can easily collapse sections and drag them around to re-order them. There are four types of elements you can add:

    • Tab
      • Separates the other elements into tabs
    • Content
      • An editor that lets you add text, images, links, and videos
    • Photo Gallery
      • Easily add and rearrange images to create a gallery
      • Users can click an image to view the gallery fullscreen
    • Panels
      • Add collapsible panels — the same ones we use on our FAQs page

    We’re looking forward to seeing what you create with your newfound freedom!

    Share The Love

    We’ve added a new “Supporter” level on our signup page, which can be yours for $5. What do you get for your money? Well… kinda nothing, except maybe you’ll feel awesome afterwards!

    I got the idea to add that level earlier this week, when Forrager went down for a couple hours (our server crashed). Forrager currently runs on a low-cost server (called shared hosting) to keep our expenses down, but that also comes with a price: instability. In addition, I don’t think it’s any secret that Forrager is a pretty darn slow website. A lot of that can be mitigated with a dedicated server, but unfortunately that costs at least $150 per month, which is well above the proceeds from our book referrals.

    While Forrager was down and I couldn’t do anything about it, I was thinking about how, if we ever brought in more than $200 per month, the very first thing I would do is get a dedicated server. As much as I’d like to see our CFO Pro plans take off, that is still in very early stages. Hence, the Supporter level, which hopefully will help out a little bit.

    You might notice that the Supporter level is virtually inaccessible to CFOs, and that’s intentional. If you are a CFO, you are already supporting this community in your own way. And besides — if you wanted to support us financially, you might as well sign up for CFO Pro and check it out, right? :)



    Hi David,

    I’d love to connect with you and pick your knowledge of the cottage food world. I am over in Sunnyvale, Ca and am involved in getting a food start-up off the ground. Would it be possible to meet over a coffee and chat? My co-founder and I have been reading up on the rules here in Cali and have seen your knowledge and passion in the area. We would be happy to drive over to you or we could set up a call.

    Let me know if you’d be up to chat.

    Thank you,


    David Crabill

    Hi Elise, I’ll send you a PM.

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