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Home Food Sales – Spanish


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    Hello all. Looking for some advice or help on a current project. I work for a nonprofit in North Denver which is striving to expand home cottage sales into urban built spaces, as well as to increase local produce and gardening. Working with a large network of other partners we are having noticeable effect and the residential leadership is growing some exciting opportunities.

    One of the issues we are running into is the language barrier between English and Spanish speakers. While we have translators and residents who work with us to break this barrier in face-to-face events we are noticing that most of the home gardening and cottage sales info is written and produced in English. This includes how-to videos, handouts, and audio clips. In the next few months we are hoping to produce these materials both in digital and hard copy form.

    My question is are there any of these resources out there already? While we are very much interested in the process we are also aware that there is no need to re-create the wheel. Does anyone know any organizations specifically looking to publish non-English materials?

    Any thoughts, advice, or comments would be welcome. Also very willing to share!


    David Crabill

    I don’t know of any Spanish materials for the cottage food industry. I will eventually add translation capabilities to this site, but that probably won’t happen for another year. Our analytics show that over 99% of visitors are English speakers, and about 0.1% are Spanish speakers. I’m sure the number would be higher if it were translated.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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