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Florida CBD Cottage Food Law

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    J. Kruse

    Good Afternoon –

    I am looking for any guidance on whether there would be additional requirements/hurdles for developing a CBD-infused snack bar, under a Cottage Food structure? I am currently operating in Florida and am utilizing an “Low-THC industrial hemp” product that qualifies as a non-illegal substance, per the 2014 US Farm Bill ~effectively, an additional honey/oil ingredient. Would love to hear your thoughts on this / whether or not any flags are immediately raised.

    Many thanks!

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    NK Logic

    I am encountering a similar hurdle as well at this time with CBD-infused chocolate & candies I’m working on. If you’ve gotten any helpful info on this matter since this post, please share! In all my research so far it seems to be okay as long as you maintain documentation ensuring the legality of your source for the hemp-derived CBD, follow Florida’s cottage food laws & don’t make any type of statements or claims relating to a ‘health benefit’ your product provides that is in direct association with it’s cannabinoid content.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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