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Add/Update Law – can't submit, dropdowns don't work

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    The “prohibited foods” and “region” dropdowns do not appear to work on this form in either Chrome or Firefox. I know there’s probably a better place to put this information, but this is what I wanted to submit on the update law page:

    While trying to set up a domestic kitchen in Oregon, I spoke extensively with my local representative in ODA, whose job is to help people like me set up food ventures. Initially, he said that the venture sounded like something I would be allowed to do, but I eventually received a call back where he told me that in spite of what is written in the law:

    1) Fermented foods are not allowed under a domestic kitchen license (because other domestic food preparation will presumably take place in the kitchen while the food is fermenting), and:

    2) No commercial equipment is allowed to be used in the production of food in a domestic kitchen (because the domestic kitchen license is “intended for small-scale production, as a stepping stone toward a commercial business”).

    This information may actually be in the law, but I could not find it. He was nothing but supportive and extremely apologetic and was not out to restrict me unnecessarily; apparently his superiors said the law “needs to be updated” or something like that, and that they haven’t been allowing fermented food ventures for quite some time to operate under cottage food laws or with a domestic kitchen license.



    Whoops, I said part of this in the title of the post, but I meant to add that the submit button and URL fields don’t seem to work as well.


    David Crabill

    Michael, thanks so much for letting me know. I figured out the problem, but it’s not fixed yet. Thanks for taking the time to explain the updates for Oregon’s domestic kitchen law. Sometimes this happens, where there is a difference between the law and what the health dept actually allows. I will update that page.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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