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Sales Tax

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    Hi!, first of all thank you for doing this website, it is very useful!!!
    I’m new to all this tax thing, so I’m trying to figure out everything.
    I’m planning to start a bakery business from my house, this would fit into the Cottage Food Law. According to what I understood I don’t need a license but i checked with my City Hall and I need to pay a Business Licence.
    Reading one of your answers to a question If I understood correctly says that I don’t need to charge tax or give a receipt for the sales I make. Is that correct? So, how I’m going to pay taxes at the end of the year? Or if I don’t earn more that $15,000 I don’t need to declare? I am a little bit confused.
    Thanks in advance.


    David Crabill

    Sales tax and yearly income tax are entirely separate. Sales tax greatly depends on where you live and what the requirements are for your city, county, and the state of Florida. Everyone has to pay income tax, regardless of how much it is. If you make enough, you’ll need to pay estimated taxes throughout the year, similar to a self-employed independent contractor.



    After reading the posts, looks like a trip to city hall to check on what I’ll need here in Florida in my town/county. One thing family members have been commenting on. Have people in the cottage food buisness been targeted much by inspections of thier kitchens. I plan on bread making and on following safe food handling practices. Just curious if it’s done very often.


    David Crabill

    In Florida, an inspection can only happen if a customer has a health concern/complaint. I have never heard of that happening to any CFO across the states… at the very least, it’s exceedingly rare.



    I am just starting selling some candies under the Florida Cottage Law and per my understanding I do not need to charge sales taxes unless I sell it at an event where my customers will eat at the location. If the candies are all in a package I do not need to charge sales tax. is that right?


    David Crabill

    Actually candy may be one of the only items for which you do need to charge sales tax. For some reason, most categories, like baked goods, are exempt, but candies often specifically require sales tax. At least that is true in other areas of the country. I’m not entirely sure for your area and your situation.



    Thanks David. This info was very helpful. After years of encouragement, I’m selling my grandma’s oatmeal cookies. The recipe is 500+ years old and everyone loves them. I have done a lot of research about Florida Cottage Food Laws and your advice was spot on correct.



    Hi, I just recently decided to start a little home bakery, I live in South Florida. Do I need to have any licensing, or insurance?


    David Crabill

    Samantha, you may need licensing and you need to reach out to your county. You probably don’t need insurance unless a sales venue requires it.


    Vanessa Alum

    How did you obtain your food safety certificate? Every time i google food safety certificate for Florida, only food manager certificate comes up, is this another name for it? please help. Thank you!

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 38 total)

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