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is it legal?

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    julio d manso

    I am interested in producing and selling mullet spread (paste). is it under the prohibited foods?

    I live in Hillsborough county, if I would have no choice but to produce this product at a commercial scale, what particular license will cover food processors?

    can you please help me?

    it seems that it will required an extensive search. licenses from FWLC, USADA, ETC….

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    David Crabill

    Anything with meat, including seafood, is not allowed under the Florida cottage food law. You need to use a commercial kitchen, and you should contact your health dept.

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    Do you have to bake out of your house in order to fall under the cottage law? For instance, can one rent a building and bake there, then do delivery only? The building would not be accessible to public.

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    David Crabill

    Yes, you need to use only your home kitchen.

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    Is it legal to have an office type setting for customers to pick up thier cakes and pies?

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    David Crabill

    No, you can’t sell via an office or other type of business / store front. You can only sell your products at your home, a farmers market, a roadside stand, or at certain types of events. You can also deliver your products to a customer.

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    What if we rent a kitchen to bake, then have office for sales and pick up. Then we would just need a business licence and kitchen we rent has to be inspected for our business right? Sorry, just trying to find best route to go. My partner and i started our cottage kitchen last November and we are getting really big. We rent a unit in a plaza and in process of remodeling now. Just really looking for some help.

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    David Crabill

    It sounds like it’s time for you to go the commercial route. The cottage food law was mainly setup as an easier avenue for someone to start a food business. I would assume that if you wanted to get bigger, you wouldn’t want to be restricted to the $15,000 sales cap of the cottage food law anyway.

    CFOs can only use a residential kitchen, so it wouldn’t even be possible for you to rent a kitchen and still run your business under the cottage food law. You need to rent a commercial kitchen and call the health dept to learn about getting a license.

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    Naia Castro Morales

    Helo, I live in Naples, and I am plannin get in to a Cottage Food based on bakery products. I havr been resersh and I have not clear information about if I can make my products in the rental apartment were I live?
    And I don’t find nothing about have a pet in home and if there any regulations regarding this.
    Do ypu have any infomation about that?

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    William Bell

    Is making Hot Sauce allowed under Florida Cottage Laws?

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