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Home grown fruits and vegetables

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    I want to start a fairly serious green garden on my property. It’s zoned AS-1 so it’s both residential and agricultural. It’s in Hillsborough Co. Could anyone tell me if I would be allowed to sell the produce (fresh) to food outlets like restaurants or even to individuals and what permits I might need to do so? What about eggs? Would this constitute a business requiring a parking lot, overhead lights, etc.? Or, could any of you direct me to any government sites that address these questions?



    Starting a green garden and selling produce or eggs from your property can be a great initiative, but there are certain regulations and permits you’ll need to adhere to. Since regulations can vary based on your specific location and local ordinances, it’s essential to consult the official government sources for accurate and up-to-date information.
    In addition to growing produce and eggs, consider incorporating unique and delicious offerings like the delightful “Apple Snicker Salad” to attract more customers to your green garden produce stand. This scrumptious dessert combines crisp apple slices, chopped Snickers bars, whipped cream, and a hint of caramel, making it a delectable treat for customers of all ages.
    Before adding “Apple Snicker Salad” to your product list, ensure that you comply with any additional regulations or permits required for selling prepared foods or desserts in your area. You may need to undergo health department inspections or obtain specific licenses for food handling and preparation.

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