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CFO law , tax id for NY for online business

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    hi there , this is all new to me . I would like to start an online cookie company however not sure about CFO in upstate NY ? or if i need a tax id for selling online? According to the CFO map NY looks to be all green for GO as in its ok to cook from your own kitchen in state of NY without liscence or healthy dept. ..despite the county….is this correct? i can cook from my kitchen and just sell away or is there more involved? and what advice can you give about selling cookies/bars online…are the only issues i need to resolve is CFO? TAX? i am new to this and have read plenty on it but all seems so confusing…please help…thanks


    David Crabill

    The map links to the law page for NY:

    That page gives a fairly detailed overview of the law and should answer many of your questions. You cannot start an online business from your home kitchen, and if you wanted to start a CFO, you would need to get registered by the ag dept. To start an online food business, you’d need to use a commercial kitchen:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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