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Help with Hard candy mystery

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    Ok, please bear with the length of this—-I am assuming the more details, the better. I am hoping one of you more experienced with making confections can help me figure out what is now a mystery to me. I am an avid cook and baker who has recently ventured into the world of hard candy making. After years of trying to find hard candies that I can fall in love with, I have not been able to find any besides Caramel Nips (my addiction). Once I discovered Lorann super strength flavors, it has been a deep dive into a flavor hunt. The other day I made a batch of hard candy and I am not sure how this happened, but I ended up with opaque and crunchy candy that was pretty divine.

    I am attaching a picture in hopes that someone can help me figure out how to recreate these little pieces of happiness. I have no idea what I did differently, but once I put in the flavor and started to stir it began to turn opaque and quickly dry. I do remember seeing that the temperature has gotten over 310 degrees Fahrenheit, but it had not burned like other batches have when they remain clear and get to that high of a temperature. They have little sugar sparkles that gleam from them and a slightly grainy texture. They feel hard, but unlike a hard candy, they just take a bit of hard bite to crack them into little pieces that kinda melt in your mouth. I cannot think of a brand of candy that is similar and I have searched high and low to figure out what the heck I created. I don’t see a way to attach pictures, but I would love to because I think it would make more sense. I would appreciate any help you all can give me in solving this mystery :-)


    David Crabill

    I honestly don’t have enough experience with candy making to answer you question. Have you tried going to a local candy shop and asking? I bet they’d be happy to help!

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