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Home Based Cakery

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    I just recently moved to Arvada, CO, do I need to get a cottage food license to sell cakes? I am so lost on where to start.



    Hi Katherine! Welcome to Colorado. I currently live in Texas but will be relocating to Colorado in future. I have done some research on starting a home-based business selling cakes and other yummies. I can tell you that scouring the Forrager website will unearth a lot of excellent information so I recommend that you thoroughly search the website. I know you’ll find lots of answers and hopefully some kindred souls to swap tips and brainstorm ideas with. Best of luck to you!


    David Crabill

    Katherine, I also recommend thoroughly reading the Colorado law page, but the short answer is “no”, you do not need a license from the health dept, though you may need other licenses to start your business.


    Anne Zander

    Additional guidance on cottage foods can be found at City/state sales tax licenses may be required. Information on state sales tax licenses can be found at Contact your local city for more information.
    For Colorado Cottage Food products, you do need to take an approved cottage food safety training. For more information on your options for a food safety training you can contact Anne Zander/myself at or the CDPHE


    Rich Gould

    Hi Katherine, you might also want to sign up for the Facebook group, Colorado Cottage Food Providers on Facebook.. it’s free and there are over 200 cottage food providers across Colorado – so you don’t feel all alone.

    Welcome to Colorado.

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