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Work Space Requirements

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    Ashley Cave

    Hi, I live in San Francisco, California.

    I’ve read all the rules and regulations about what your home kitchen can and cannot have, I think my kitchen is almost passable if I were to have a home inspection. However, the way my kitchen is built, it has a doorway with a door for kitchen access and it has a cut out/raised counter for a bar area. In the rules it states that your kitchen cannot open up into any living or sleeping space. The bar/raised counter area opens up to the living room. If I were to built a temporary panel to cover the open bar area, would it be possible to pass an inspection? (Using all food safe materials of course) Who should I speak to to find out more info on what exactly I can do in this situation?

    The link I included is similar to my house layout- open bar cutout, with an enclosed kitchen,and one doorway entry with a door.


    David Crabill

    I think you’ll be fine, as long as your kitchen doesn’t open up to a bedroom or sleeping space. Assuming you’re going with a Class B permit, just move ahead with the inspection and I highly doubt they’ll say anything about it.



    I have a question about requirements and approved kitchens. I live in a community that has a rentable kitchen thought our HOA. It’s a full kitchen set up. Could this work for a commercial kictchen?


    David Crabill

    It would only work as a commercial kitchen if it’s consistently inspected by the health dept. However, as a CFO, you are not allowed to use a commercial kitchen (or any kitchen other than your home kitchen) for your business.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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