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Volunteer seeking CFO


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    I am an artist (oil painter) currently living in Kansas, but wanting to relocate to California for a better cultural atmosphere and work opportunities.
    Because it aligns with my “do-it-yourself” sensibilities and stance against Big Corporate, I am interested in volunteering my services to a Cottage Food producer who needs the help. I would hope a fair deal would be a room to stay in as exchange for part-time work.

    In addition to my love for cooking, and outside of regular work that I’ve held, I have experience in mechanics, light construction, and art & design. I would hope that my skills could be a welcome addition to someone who wants to “step up their game” with some home/kitchen improvement, maybe some light advertising/labeling/logo production, and of course, help in the kitchen.
    I have further ideas for joint promotion, like co-hosted food-sample/art parties too, if you’re interested. However, if all you need is kitchen help, I’m available for you.

    If you want to know more, or would like to recommend me to a friend, please contact me through this website. I have proof that I previously held a food service sanitation license in Chicago, I have a clean criminal history and driving record, and I can provide references upon request.

    On a personal note, I have a distinct interest in urban scenes in my art, and direct contact with the public, so it would be helpful if I could relocate in/near a larger city with adequate public transit access to the city.

    Thanks for your interest,


    P.S. Still trying to figure out how to include an image straight from my computer — I’ll post an image when I figure this out.

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