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Let's pressure farmers market association to consider cottage food applicants

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    Hey guys,

    I’m tired of reading provision in farmers market association saying they’re not taking food made under the cottage food license “as of yet”. I want to draft a letter for each market’s board of directors to pressure them to seriously consider us as legitimate business applicants. If we have health permits, liability insurance, and good products, I dont see why we have to be excluded from consideration. I also spoke to the guy at the Alameda County Department of Environmental Health in charge of the Mobile Food program (ie. farmers market stuff), and he is also wondering why farmers market association is so slow in taking us in. So, what do you say we band together and pressure these guys to accept us? Let me know below if you’re in!

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    David Crabill

    I think the main reason is that they just don’t need to. Farmers markets are so popular that most of them have an abundance of sellers lining up. Some have a year-long waiting list. There are also some markets that only focus on produce, which is understandable.

    Farmers markets that accept CFOs are usually ones that simply like the idea of supporting home businesses, or are less reputable ones. Otherwise, CFOs are just yet another type of business clamoring to get into their market — a type of business they don’t need to bother with. You can try drafting a letter if you want to, but I honestly don’t think trying to fight them is going to influence their stance.

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    In San Diego, most markets welcome CFOs. We’ve recently encountered a manager who will not allow CFOs into any of her 3 markets. The reason given was that it would increase their insurance costs. We are currently exploring whether or not that’s true. Any info you have would be appreciated. We’ve been told that CERTIFIED farmer’s markets do not have to allow vendors who are not certified farms, but otherwise, the practice could be discriminatory. Love to hear your thoughts, experiences, ideas, data, …

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    I agree. At the Vista FM, there is a section of vetted sellers and another for non vetted – it’s a buy at your own risk type of thing and some of it is just amazing food.

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