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Confusion over packaging rules

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    Hi so I was curious if I buy food safe plastic bags and put my homemade candy confections inside these bags, but then want to put the bags inside of cardboard boxes. Would the cardboard boxes also have to be food safe even though they do not touch the food. This would be for California in Alameda County. I also want to know about the labels, if I print out label stickers for ingredient list at home does the the ink have to be food safe? Even if the sticker and the ink it is printed on does not touch the food item itself? Thank you for your time and assistance

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    Are the boxes for transport? If so, I dont think it needs to be food grade. From the CDPH pamhplet #12 it seems like you only need food grade ink and packaging if it TOUCHES the food or PENETRATES the packaging.

    *TINLA: This is not legal advice

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    David Crabill

    I don’t know and it’s best to talk to your environmental health dept. I’m pretty sure that you don’t need to worry about the ink on your labels. As for the packaging, I think it wouldn’t need to be food safe, but if you’re selling the items in the box, then maybe there’s a rule out there that states that it must be safe.

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    In San Diego, anything that the product may come into contact with should be food-safe (i.e. bags, but not the boxes containing them or external labels).

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