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Chocolates and fillings

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    Elizabeth J

    I am confused by some of the approved CFO foods, and the limitations. I’m in Alameda county and have not applied yet for my license, but I don’t want to develop recipes that will be rejected.

    I had assumed that dairy in ingredients was a no-go, but there are approved foods that are made using dairy. I am happy that ‘salted caramels’ are on the approved list, but as caramel is made with cream, I do find that confusing, and obviously even milk chocolate has dairy. Are people being approved for caramel recipes that include heavy cream and butter?

    Has anyone been approved to use a cream ganache? or if not, are butter ganaches okay? Butter ganache is obviously made using butter, but not any heavy cream or other dairy. It has a longer shelf life than cream ganache, but neither has to be refrigerated. Is cream an acceptable ingredient if the end product won’t spoil and doesn’t require refrigeration?

    Also is it possible to include liqueur as an ingredient or does that just overcomplicate? something like creme de menthe?

    I realize that this is a lot of different questions, but I’m trying to decide on all the fillings for my bon-bons and having trouble deciding what criteria rules out a recipe. I would appreciate any help that anyone can give!




    Your best bet is to call the Alameda Environmental Health Department. I looked up the number for you 510-567-6700. Tell them you need information for acceptable cottage foods and they will ask you for Class A or Class B? I’m in Los Angeles County and asked questions on this forum, but not very many active users to answer. I got my answers by calling. Good luck


    Elizabeth J

    Thanks for the response, I will try that route

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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