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Allowable Product & Process Questions

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    Paige Russell

    Hi! I’m working on starting a CFO selling sea vegetable snacks and tea/spice blends in California and have a few questions for David & this group:

    1. While vegetables (in dried & dehydrated forms, which is what I’ll mostly be making) are on the approved food list, sea vegetables specifically is not. Does anyone have advice on whether I should try applying for my CFO license leaning into the ‘vegetable’ part or should I call the Health Department to confirm that ‘sea vegetables’ count as veggies before applying?

    2. If I decide to go for it without calling the Health Dept. first and my application is rejected, do I get any of my application fee back?

    3. And lastly, a process question. Vegetable chips are listed as an approved food item under the Dried heading, but I haven’t ever had a veggie chip other than kale chips that weren’t baked or fried. How much of a stickler are the CFO team about baking vs. dehydrating if the final product is shelf stable? OR is anyone who has a CFO license making baked veggie chips that you know of?

    Thank you!


    David Crabill

    Hi Paige, sorry for the late reply!
    1. They should be allowed. I don’t think it matters whether vegetables come from land or sea.
    2. Depends on the county, but if it was rejected, I would escalate it up to CDPH, and they should be able to tell your county that your products are approved.
    3. I believe veggie chips that are baked or fried are allowed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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