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what can/cannot be added/used in cakes?

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    If I can use zucchini, can I use apples, carrots, corn, pumpkin etc? As long as it is baked in the product??? And can I use store bought candies baked in or for topping???


    David Crabill

    Generally, if a state allows sweet breads, like zucchini or banana bread, then there are a lot of things you can bake into your bread or cake. Most fruit or vegetables can be baked in, and most store-bought candies could definitely be added.

    Keep in mind, though, that you should talk to your health/ag dept about whether or not they’ll allow a certain item. The actual determination gets down to specific proportion requirements needing to be met… for instance, pumpkin bread is allowed but pumpkin pie definitely isn’t.

    Sherry, it looks like you’re from Texas and they do allow sweet breads, so all of the above would apply to you.



    can I use rum in foods, the rum is cooked in the foods,therefore the alcohol is gone.


    David Crabill

    Using alcohol in baked goods is completely dependent on where you live. A few states specifically allow it, and even in the ones that do, special licensing is often necessary for selling a product with significant amounts of alcohol in it. Even though rum cake is baked, it usually still has an alcoholic content remaining, especially if it’s moist. Typically these alcoholic amounts are insignificant, but it is good to be aware of and do research about. Your health dept will most likely be the one to regulate sales of goods with alcohol.


    Doris Hoisington

    Can I sell cheesecakes out of my home?


    David Crabill

    Doris, it depends on your state, but most likely you cannot sell homemade cheesecakes.



    I have a question about buttercream and why it is not on the approved food list. I understand this is because it contains eggs, but not what the issue is. When making Italian buttercream you cook the eggs when you pour in the hot sugar (240 degrees), which I would think would make it perfectly fine because the eggs are cooked the same amount as though you were cooking them on the stove. The question is, basically, “Why the problem with eggs in buttercream?”


    David Crabill

    Ashley, it’s both possible and common to make an IMB frosting in a safe way, without it requiring refrigeration. The problem is that if someone doesn’t do it correctly and doesn’t have the proper training, then it could turn into a potentially hazardous item. It is a more risky item in that it can potentially fail more easily than the rest of the items on the allowed foods list, and that’s why it’s not allowed.



    can I use the already made buttercream icing in the tub made by Wilton?


    David Crabill

    Barry, it’s very likely that as long as it doesn’t require refrigeration, using commercially-produced frosting would be allowed. But ultimately it’s up to your health or ag dept to determine what’s permitted.

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