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Etsy Cake Toppers

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    I would like to start selling cake toppers on Etsy and have seen may different answers regarding the laws around making them out of my house in NY. NY State says you cannot sell products made from home online, however, I have come across many people who say since the fondant I use is commercially made (I just purchase it) and all I am doing is shaping and dying the fondant, that it is okay to make at home. Has anyone had this experience or have any insight? TIA

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    David Crabill

    Unless you are buying and reselling commercially made and pre-packaged fondant toppers, I don’t think this would be allowed. I’m pretty sure you need to use a commercial kitchen.

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    Ella Lee

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    Deboran Almasy

    Hi Tia, I am curious if you had found anything out about selling your cake toppers in NY. I am from NY also and have some specialty type toppers I would like to try and sell. I would appreciate any info. you could share. Thanks Deboran

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    Deboran Almasy

    LoL just got the Tia sorry Amanda

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