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Turn a Crisis Into an Opportunity!

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    Sari Kimbell

    The Pig and Plow had their best month ever. Erica took advantage of being a small and nimble bakery business. She turned a crisis into an opportunity that is win-win-win for her local community, other producers and her business.

    Want to increase your local, direct to consumer sales channels? Yes, you can! In fact, your community is hungrier than ever (pun intended) to support local producers and get your delicious food.

    Join me, Sari Kimbell, creator of Food Business Succees™️ (tag on social media @ foodbizsuccess) for an awesome conversation with Erica Glaze, baker, entrepreneur and now the creator of a local food hub doing direct delivery. Erica’s journey over the past 2 1/2 years has been an amazing one.

    Our conversation will include her insight and lessons learned from transitioning her brand from a resource for local food to baking as a cottage food baker, selling at farmers’ markets, scaling up to offer wholesale for restaurants and independent grocery accounts. When her local winter market shut down and restaurant accounts started canceling, Erica quickly shifted her business to provide a marketplace for hers and other producer’s products with home delivery as other sales channels shut down during the COVID19 crisis.

    Erica has a lot of ideas on how producers can access their local communities with the many business models she has tried and has seen work in her time as a local food advocate turned producer.

    You definitely want to join us on April 8 at 10am MST (replay will be made available) for this inspiring and educational conversation! Get registered with the link below!

    Get registered here:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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