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Sales tax/Business Personal property tax

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    Donna Armstrong

    Today I applied for my license. When all was done, I also had registered for the BPP tax. Is this correct? I’m pretty sure that I used the wrong code also.


    David Crabill

    Donna, what state do you live in?


    Jackie Wilson

    To have a cottage bakery in washoe co. Nevada do I have to get a state business license and a local business license? so far I’m under the impression to sale a cake for $40 once a month or so I have to have a state business license $200, a local business license $75, a fictitious name and run in a news paper for 4 weeks 1 time a week $?, file with the department of taxation, I wont have employees so I guess I can dodge that bullet, Libility insurance that will probably cost me around $299 if I go with the fliprogram. Does this sound right?
    Why do I have to get a state business license? This seems like a lot to sale a $40 cake that cost me $30 to make lol well its really not funny. Thanks for your help!! Jackie


    David Crabill

    Jackie, I’m not aware of the specifics for NV, but everything you said sounds about right. If you are only going to sell one cake per month, then I suggest you save some money and just give away the cake for free.



    I recently got my CFO Class A license. I am not sure about sales tax. I sell cupcakes, in California would I charge 8.75 for tax?


    David Crabill

    Often you are exempt from having to charge state sales tax, but you may need to charge local sales tax. It also depends on where you are selling (may have to charge it at a fair, for instance).




    I just applied for my sales tax number through the Dept of Revenue in Florida. I know I need to send in quarterly payments based on what I make, but I don’t know how to figure that out. I’m barely making that much as it is, but if the government wants my pennies for the little bit that I’m selling, that’s fine. Can you tell me how to figure this out so I know I’m sending in the right amounts? Thank you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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