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Quickbooks Workshop

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    Sari Kimbell

    Have you ever sat down to work on bookkeeping and your first though is “Oh no”?

    Many of my clients Quickbooks are a MESS and there is no way for us to move forward until it gets cleaned up. Sometimes it never does. It is so daunting to go back and fix the past.

    But what IF this didn’t have to be your story about your financial tracking? What if we just set up your Quickbooks CORRECTLY from the start for YOUR packaged food business?

    I am teaming up with my new favorite consultant, Kira of Heritage Bookkeeping, to deliver an AMAZING Quickbooks workshop to do just this.

    ✅ Which Quickbooks Account is right for you and how much will it cost
    ✅ How to edit and set up a chart of accounts for a packaged food business with a easy cheat sheet
    ✅ How to set up your invoices to make your life easier and reconcile them correctly (this is where I see my clients do it WRONG a lot)
    ✅ How and when to create a memo vs a refund
    ✅ Recording and reconciling bank transactions
    ✅ Why we don’t use the inventory function or cash flow function in QB
    ✅ How to run and read P&L and Balance Sheet reports (and use them to help you in your business)

    AND as a special bonus I will include my Cash Flow training and tracking tool.

    All of this will be covered in a 90 minute live workshop with a Q&A at the end and you will get lifetime access to the recording and tools! Make this $197 investment in your business and your life will be so much EASIER. You will definitely thank me later! Sign up at

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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