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permits and license

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    I’m looking for a link or someone that I can employ the services of, to verify what all the permits and license are needed for a wholesale juice business. To set up and operate in Florida

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    David Crabill

    The health dept’s job is to help you with that stuff. I don’t know anyone that helps in setting up a food business. You really need to call them yourself (since you know what your business is going to entail) and if you want to, you can hire a secretary of sorts to handle paperwork.

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    Ashley Cook

    Hi! We have a cottage food business in Georgia, but will be moving to Florida in the Summer. How do we stop the business here and start it back up in Florida?

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    David Crabill

    Ashley, you won’t be able to transfer it. You will just need to start up a new business in Florida under their cottage food law, just the same as if you had initially lived there. It’s actually much easier to start a CFO in FL, but also much more restrictive, as you can only sell $15K of product per year.

    How to close down your business in GA will depend on what type of business it is. A simple business might just naturally expire, while an LLC might require you to submit paperwork.

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    Hello ! I buy and resell Honey to stores.
    I want to prepare my own formula (Honey blended with some seeds), new packaging and labeling.
    What do I need to do (Regulation…) to sell my new product. Knowing that I will prepare my new product at home.

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    Can I be an LLC and have a Fed tax ID number and still be CFO?

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    I’m looking to start a cottage food establishment in Utah. Is it recommended to hire a business lawyer before I set up a LLC?

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    Or do you recommend applying for a sole proprietorship?

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