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Wildchild Remedies

Cottage Food Business

After my youngest was born and my oldest started preschool, I noticed that we all seemed to be sick more. Illnesses happened more frequently and stayed around longer. It also seemed that we couldn’t stay healthy for long! As soon as one of us felt better, someone else started to feel badly. And around and around it went. I try to encourage my kids to share, but during the winter I wish they wouldn’t!
I started reading and researching natural ways to boost our immune systems. I also started experimenting in the kitchen to make potent, yet tasty, remedies. As all parents know, it has to be yummy for the kids to be on board! Along with a mostly whole food diet, these remedies have helped us stay healthier than ever, with minimal use of pharmaceuticals.
For any given remedy, I use the best ingredients I can find. Organic, fair trade, local when available. Have something you’d like me to make? Ask me! I’m always game to be adventurous in the kitchen.
I know how busy life can be, let me help keep your family happy and healthy!