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Wild Yeast Kitchen

Cottage Food Business

Artisan bread baking tradition in the heart of Alabama

Wild Yeast Kitchen, is a cottage food bakery established in June of 2016. The bakery focuses on traditional methods of artisan bread making. It offers bread subscriptions, online ordering, and sells at the Montgomery Curb Market – a historic landmark.

The Offering

Wild Yeast Kitchen offers a broad variety of loaves and pastries made in the European artisan tradition. The bakery features organic and clean label ingredients whenever possible. The bakery offers weekly subscription services, as well as a-la-carte products. In 2021, a new subscription Bread World Tour was kicked-off. This subscription features breads from a different country every month, thus allowing customers to experience different cultures through their respective bread traditions.

The Baker

The owner, Yuliya Childers, a.k.a. “The Bread Lady”, is a native of Ukraine. She became interested in bread making after her move to the US. Disappointed with the grocery store offering, she started dabbling in bread making out of nostalgia. Eventually, the hobby turned into obsession, and resulted in opening a cottage food bakery.

The initial idea was to bake for sale at a local market to save away for baking school. The bakery quickly gained popularity and sizable social media following. Since the completion of San Francisco Baking Institute Artisan Bread and Pastry course in 2018, Yuliya expanded her offering further.

Online Store

Wild Yeast Kitchen’s online store, offers a broad variety of showy artisan loaves and pastries for local delivery and pick up at the market. Customers can choose to become weekly bread subscribers. There are several types of subscriptions to appeal to variety of preferences. 

Social Media

Wild Yeast Kitchen runs an active Facebook page,  where they publish weekly bread offerings, action shots of bread making process, artisan bread photos, contests, and many more. Their instagram page features beautiful photos of the bread and pastries.

The Publicity

In 2018, Montgomery Advertiser published an article about Yuliya’s baking adventures on its front page. In 2019, Alabama Living magazine featured Wild Yeast Kitchen on the cover of its December issue.

The War in Ukraine

Since the war in her native Ukraine began in 2022, Wild Yeast Kitchen lead the efforts to collect medical supplies and monetary donations to the victims of the aggression. Yuliya was interviewed by two local TV stations, thus providing much needed publicity to the effort. Wild Yeast Kitchen’s customers and friends came through in a big way, and loads of donated medical supplies, as well high demand items such as power generators, and more, were shipped to Ukraine as a result. Monetary donations are ongoing, and will continue until the war is over.

The Bake For Ukraine Movement

Wild Yeast Kitchen has joined the #bakeforukraine effort, which encourages artisan bakers from all corners of the world to bake Palyanitsa, a traditional Ukrainian loaf, and donate the proceeds to the Ukrainian charities.

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