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Wild Heart Bakeshop

Cottage Food Business

Wild Heart Bakeshop provides artisan baked goods, baked to order as a one time purchase or by monthly subscription.

We are a family owned and community supported Cottage Food Operation, certified with a class A permit through the County of Santa Cruz Cottage Foods Program.

Our family bakeshop was born during the conoravirus pandemic of 2020. Faced with months at home, the loss of revenue from consulting and the difficulties of working on a computer based job while parenting and educating a young child, Iris found herself searching for options to bring in income, while sheltering in place with her family.

And thus, after years of receiving requests to purchase her baked goods, especially her sourdough bread, Iris decided the Covid quarantine was the perfect time to build a pop-up bakeshop and sell bread and bagels to her friends. The orders quickly started piling up as friends shared with other friends and soon the demand was so high that Iris had to decide between a temporary fix and something longer term. At a crossroads, Iris decided it was time to go big or go home and the Wild Heart Bakeshop was born. We so appreciate the support of our local community and hope you love to eat bread as much as Iris loves to bake it!