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Vegan Affair

Cottage Food Business

Vegan Affair, for the Love of Baking!

My name is Amanda, I am the owner and operator of Vegan Affair. I make organic, vegan bakery items under Ohio’s Cottage Food Laws. All of my items are made in my home kitchen, with recipes I have been making for many years.

The concept of Vegan Affair is very near and dear to my heart. The original “Vegan Affair” called California it’s home, and was the brainchild of my amazingly creative cousin. Together we created items that were sold through a local bakery in Berkeley. It was her love of baking that started it, and my love of baking that now continues the Vegan Affair story.

Vegan Affair allows me to do something I love, and at the same time be home with my children more. They are ultimately why I decided to start the Vegan Affair journey after all, and maybe some day they will take over what I have started.