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The Gentle Barn At Tuff Luck Ranch

Cottage Food Business

The Gentle Barn is located on The Tuff Luck Ranch in Dayton, Nevada.  In addition to offering home made pies, cookies, jams, jellies, and other home made items allowed under the Nevada Cottage Food Law, we offer an informational farm and ranch animal area where children and adults learn about the following ranch and farm animals:  horses, goats, cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs and sheep.  During the gardening season a tour of the Dayton Community Garden is offered with demonstrations provided by a person that has been gardening in the Lyon County area of Northern Nevada for over 40 years.  We provide a “heritage ranch and farm experience” in hopes of encouraging the public to become self sustainable in growing some of their own fruits and veggies along with raising some of their own meat.


Hi! Sorry to hear you had to close the business :( I am actually in the process of starting my own cottage food bakery. I live in Henderson so the laws may vary but just wondering if u had to get any licenses? I know i have to register with the health department but not sure if thats it…web searches are proving futile lol so i figured time
To stary contacting other cfos

I am in Winnemucca and am considering a retirement operation involving handmade items and produce.
I hope to be able to visit you this coming summer. I am delighted to see a business like yours in Nevada. I am a California transplant but have been in No. Nevada 22 years. Still miss the long growing season in Sonoma County though. What kind of bread do you make and sell? Thanks.

    Sorry, effective 12-31-15, the Gentle Barn was closed, due to failing health of both owners. Unable to meet with you at any time. It was a demanding but rewarding experience. Recommendation would be to hook up with any local co-op and see if there is any type of shop or whatever that accepts consignment items. Prior to The Gentle Barn we had retail operations in Virginia City, NV. Do NOT recommend any type of retail operation as NV will buckle and dime you with fees, etc.. Cottage Foods program seemed to be most owner friendly when it comes licensing and overseeing by the NV state govt. Good luck.

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