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Pumpkin Bread

Cottage Food Product

Perfect for fall! Nicely spiced and very moist. Enjoy for breakfast or a snack.

Sweet and Divine by Emmaline

About the Baker Emily has always loved baking. A defining moment was getting the blue ribbon in high school for her chocolate cake. Another was leaving the hubbub of family and friends to make her own wedding cake. She started baking professionally in 2011 and has learned a lot of lessons from the kitchen since then. Being in the kitchen is where her soul is happiest and feeding others fills her heart with joy. Being a Texas girl, she loves giving good hospitality and providing a smile for those she greets. She looks forward to having her baked goods delivered direct to the good people of film-land.Who We Are Sweet and Divine by Emmaline is a cottage food operation located in Glendale, CA. We strive to bring you the most delicious home-baked goods available. Because we believe that natural food is the best food, we never use food colorings, fondant, or highly processed ingredients. This approach to baking is more than just a good concept: you can taste the difference. When you have something from Sweet and Divine, we want you to be taken back to your childhood sitting at your grandmother's table enjoying her freshly baked more
Glendale, CA
Los Angeles County