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Cottage Food Business

I’m constantly thinking in sweets.

I’ve been a baker since I was a child and have only fell more in love with it as I’ve gotten older. I’m a self-taught baker, learning everything I know from my family, books and lots of baking experiments. I believe this gives me a creative edge. Not constrained by classic flavors and methods to follow, I tend to think out of the box and enjoy recreating desserts into new creations.After spoiling my friends in college with lots of sweets I was inspired to start selling my goodies. Smashbakes is an exciting endeavor for me as my dream would be to turn this hobby into a reality. I’d love to open up my own little bakery where I could just bake my days away and just constantly smell like fresh baked cookies.

Smashbakes makes everything from scratch specializing in cookies, cupcakes, and candies. Smashbakes has been featured on Foodbeast and That’s Nerdalicious.