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Sally’s Handcrafted Confections

Cottage Food Business

My life long dream of making cookies, cupcakes and cake pops for my friends and family and wanting to expand out to own my own business. I would like to share my creations with you for your gift or event. I have obtained a Home cottage permit to keep the cost down so I can work from home. Although this is not my only job, I also work as a dental assistant for my full time job.


Hi 👋
I am Enzina an Italian Artist living and working in London UK.
I lived also in America New York 32 years ago. My second daughter was born there and now she is in Redding. I have contacted Sally Wagner to commission her Birthday Cake for September.
I like the idea to commission from Sally’s Cottage Production and I like to know that she will do the best and so fresh.
Sally, if you read this message …. I want let you know that I liked your picture and your woollen hat. It’s in fact how I was immagining you. Great 👍 be in touch

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