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Cottage Food Business

OMH is a specific blend of foods that are sold as a frozen nugget treat or granola cookie.  OMH helps nutritionally support women who are in the natural phase of menopause.

(I support change in the “cottage laws” in the state of Kentucky.  It is not fair trade friendly and focuses solely on farming and not enterprise.  As a small business owner, it is extremely limiting and costly to have to rent a kitchen to produce a product to sell in the market.  It’s almost as if the state is not supporting small food businesses, which are a growing source of business revenue in this state, dispite your unreasonable restrictions.  Come on Frankfort, lighten up!)


I agree with the comment left here regarding overly strictly laws. I do believe the intent was to prevent food borne illness, but a periodic inspection would take care of that wouldn’t it? I had a friend in the honey business and she had to build a whole canning and bottling facility on here farm, just for honey. State responded that she could rent it out to other operations. In reality that doesn’t happen, or not often anyway. She never recouped that inventment, and because of health issues along with age had to sell the bee/honey business. PLUS…before she ended production she told me that the state wouldn’t even let her let people have a free sample spoonful of honey without a permit for that. What? A group I belong to is making cookies for a fund raiser and it scares me that well get in trouble for that. Another organization I belong to, not county churches holds pot lucks, and I wonder why they haven’t come down on those…is it deference to religions or simply that the state doesn’t know. A few years ago the farmer market people (via the state, I presume) made every farm marketer have insurance. It really is like they want to keep small producers from getting along. Protecting larger enterprises? Is there a lobbyist group for that?

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