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Jims Jams

Cottage Food Business

I learned to make Jams and Jellies among other things From my Grandmother as a young boy,starting at about 8 yrs old. I have never bought jam or jelly in a store because I’ve always made it myself. And now at 52 I still make jam and jellies the same way Granny Lillie taught me to as a child. I set up at different places all year round as well as sell from home. I am an avid gardener and grow most of the fruits that my jams and jellies are made from, and the very few that i don’t I buy from local people in my area that do grow them. The only two exceptions are the Bananna Butter and the Pineapple jam that I make.

I also make hand sliced beef and venison jerky( not that ground up crap you buy in most stores) and summer sausage that my Grandpa Joe taught me to make many years ago.