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Cottage Food Business

I have just started my business. I wanted to do something creative. It started with me wanting to make a video of everyday cooking. But then the name I had in mind was taken. I then came up with CreativeSlav to speak to my ethnic background and to the fact that I like to dabble in many things. I then started a video of me cooking a Russian food called Pelmeni – a dumpling filled with meat. The next day, I went to a birthday party. I brought some of what I made. A Polish woman tried them and loved it! She ordered 150 for Christmas. After that, I thought I should sell them to other people. I started a You Tube Channel, more cooking videos and then advertised on Facebook in the Russian community. I then got more orders and rave reviews. I would like to sell my product to Farmer’s Markets and add blinis (Russian crepes) to the mix.