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Blue Finch Bakery

Cottage Food Business

We are excited to help feed our local community fresh breads and pastries here in northwest Tucson, AZ.

Blue Finch Bakery launched in 2020 to provide an honest and delicious experience by combining old-world techniques with heritage grains to produce fresh baked goods that are simple, but flavorful.  We offer a rotating menu of sourdough breads and pastries that feature local grains and seasonal fruits. Every week we scale, mix and bake in small batches to ensure there is minimal food waste and always something new, fresh and delicious for you to try.

Wanting to feed our local community simply isn’t enough; we also want to help make it stronger. Each year we spotlight 6 local non-profit charities and donate a portion of our monthly sales to support their individual causes. We continue to do this because we want to support the people and organizations in our community that helps us all live fuller, healthier, and happier lives.