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Cottage Food Business

I am not as of yet officially opened but have hopes to open in the near future. I plan to open as LLC and am weeding through the process and trying to figure out what I am allowed to do under the Cottage Law. I have in place the makings of a commercial kitchen…the three compartment sink, mop and hand sinks, separate entrance. To become a commercial business as a bakery the health department is wanting me to swap the location of the mop and hand sinks, have an indirect drain installed in the floor, get a commercial refrigerator, and install another 50 gallon hot water heater (I have an 80 gallon one for the entire house that is used in apartment housing complexes). I am trying to see if that opening under the Cottage Law is a better option for me. My intentions are to be able to supply bake goodies to the local schools for parties and such. I need to know if I can advertise via newspaper ads, business cards, flyers, etc. I know that I can use the internet as long as I do not have a shopping cart set up.


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