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Bruiseberry Cake

Cottage Food Product

Add to the Beauty Bakery

One of my favorite songs, a song that I continually return to when I feel overwhelmed with the weight of the world and my impact on it, has a line that says:   ​“…Like a statue in the park of this war torn town And its protest of the darkness and this chaos all around With its beauty, how it matters How it matters…” ​ This song speaks about beauty as being simple acts, simple offerings, which, in the moment, can often feel small and inconsequential. However, those tiny feats can sometimes make all the difference for a person. Taking time to listen to someone might just be enough to reinforce their value. Courageously offering humility in the midst of conflict might just be enough to remind us of our humanity and allow us to come to a resolution. Even spending your time and energy simply making a meal for someone might just be enough to remind them that they are not alone and not forgotten in the midst of their struggle.   ​So what does all this have to do with baking? ​ For me, baking has been this offering. It has been a place where I can extend the gift of beauty and intention to the people I care about. And now I would like to share this offering with you by making homemade, from scratch desserts for those you love. Maybe together we can add a little more to the beauty. read more