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Cottage Food Business

I was born and lived on the island of Malta until I married an American. The one thing I missed the most once I moved to the United States was the food I routinely had available to me growing up. Eventually I learned to duplicate these dishes in my own kitchen, and a love-affair began. Cooking became my creative outlet, and a link to my past and a continent across the sea. It connected me to people especially my mother, whose old family recipes written down by hand or committed to memory I now sought out with a new-found respect. Cooking importantly also connected the old world to my new family and my new friends in my new adoptive country every time I chose to share with them a dish from my past.

Again out of necessity because it was hard to come by a decent one, I found myself making cannoli, and have been now making them by hand for over thirty years, and this was the first product I ever sold to a local restaurant. I know what good food should taste like and I passionately preserve that quality for others to enjoy. My family’s recipes of old, classic, traditional European desserts and pastries are the heart and soul of A La Maltaise.
Not all of these will be available year-round, but seasonally according to tradition, just like it was when I was growing up.

Mariella Frazier
(610) 644-1444